Randy Haddad

Co-Founder, COO Enterprise

Randy Haddad


Randy Haddad is a cinematographer and future lawyer who has been making his mark in the entertainment industry since graduating from the New York Institute of Technology in 2019. With a passion for visual storytelling, Randy has worked on a number of film and television projects, showcasing his creativity and technical skills behind the camera.

Born and raised in New York, Randy discovered his love for filmmaking at a young age. He was drawn to the power of cinema as a means of expressing complex emotions and ideas, and was fascinated by the way a well-crafted shot could tell a story in and of itself. After graduating from Brooklyn Technical High School, Randy enrolled at the New York Institute of Technology.

After graduating from NYIT, Randy began working as a freelance cinematographer, collaborating with a number of up-and-coming directors on short films, music videos, and commercials. His talent and dedication quickly caught the attention of industry insiders, and he was soon hired to work on a number of high-profile productions. Randy’s work has been praised for its visual flair and attention to detail, and he has quickly established himself as a rising star in the world of cinematography.

In addition to his work in film, Randy also holds a law degree from New York Law School. He believes that his background in cinematography will serve him well as a lawyer, allowing him to bring a unique perspective and creative problem-solving skills to the legal profession. Randy is set to graduate from law school in May of 2023, and he is excited to see where his dual passions for film and law will take him in the future.